TCG is following all required State and NCDHHS COVID precautions.

Details are as follows:

 May 14, 2021 New Executive Order :

According to the new mandate it is no longer required for fully vaccinated citizens to social distance or wear face coverings inside (unless the attendance is above 5,000 people).

Although it is an option for privately held businesses to require continued face coverings, we will not be requiring them but we would encourage you to continue to wear your mask if you do not plan to be vaccinated.

We will no longer be limiting spectators but would still encourage you not to bring more than is necessary as our lobby and viewing areas can become overcrowded.

Our front water fountain is in use for filling water bottles ONLY, so please be sure your student has a water bottle with them (or money for our vending machine) in order to stay hydrated!

Cleaning staff are at work daily sanitizing all non-porous surfaces with an EPA-approved COVID-19 targeted cleaning solution.