TCG is following all required State and NCDHHS COVID precautions.

Details are as follows:

SPECTATORS: Only one parent/guardian per student is permitted in the building. Social distancing is strongly encouraged in all lobby areas, which are marked accordingly.

HEALTH SCREENINGS: All individuals (students, parents, etc.) need to pass a daily temperature check upon arrival. Individuals with elevated temperatures will be re-screened one additional time, but those who continue to test above the CDC-recommended threshold will not be permitted in the building.

FACE COVERINGS: Per the Governor’s requirements, all individuals aged 5 and over must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth while entering & exiting the building, and staff & spectators must continue to wear their face coverings at all times. Masks are optional for students while actively participating in gymnastics/tumbling, and optional while entering & exiting for students ages 4 and under.

ENTRY & EXIT: When looking at our building from the outside, the front door on the left (by the office and Team side) is now ENTER ONLY, while the door on the right is EXIT ONLY. Please be sure to exit through this Rec side door at the end of your child’s class/activity each day, in a timely fashion, in order to allow the next set of students to enter in an orderly fashion.

STAFF: All staff are wearing face coverings at all times, and will also undergo daily temperature checks as well as health screening questionnaires.

WATER: Our front water fountain is in use for filling water bottles ONLY, so please be sure your student has a water bottle with them (or money for our vending machine) in order to stay hydrated!

CLEANING: Cleaning staff are at work daily sanitizing all non-porous surfaces with an EPA-approved COVID-19 targeted cleaning solution, as well as sanitizing all porous surfaces with our UVC light sanitizing wand.